Amanda Dawn Christie

online streaming of films (except for performances) will not be available. To view film or video works, either contact one of my distributors or email me directly for a preview DVD. see "about" page for contact info.

Spectres of Shortwave
90 min, 35mm, colour, sound, 2013 (still in production)
A mysterious web of international shortwave radio towers dominates the Tantramar marshscape. Meanwhile, local residents hear radio broadcasts emanate unexpectedly from their household appliances.


Off Route 2
10:38, 35mm, colour, sound, 2011
In the aftermath of trauma, it is in the peaceful quiet that follows, that the banal becomes beautiful.


IRiSs Lab: Integrated Ruptures in Sensory space
A collective that specializes in audio visual improvisation and performance
members come from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia , Canada  2008 - present
for information on the collective and on large scale performances go to:

solo performance for two 16mm film projectors, shortwave radio, & kaoss pad
Sackville, NB, Canada  2010

radio waves & dreaming; invisible architectures & electromagnetic topographies


A -->B
3min. super 8, BW, sound, 2009
a meditation on identity, geography, and language; Je viens d'Acadie, mais je ne suis peut-être même pas Acadienne; est-ce que c'est la langue? la géographie? l'histoire?

the capacity to resist
40 sec. video, colour, silent, 2008
a short animation of prisms and electronic components.
exploring themes of desire and distraction.

10 day fast: emotional coping strategy no. 1
5 min. video, colour, sound, 2008
video documentation of a 10 day fast (including blood sugar, pulse, and heartrate)
bodily vitals were logged each day, and posted in the video.

v=d/t (velocity = distance / time)
8min. 16mm film, colour, optical sound, 2008
an attempt to measure distance through time zones.
personal phone messages of love, loss, and planning

fallen flags
8min. 16mm film, colour, optical sound, 2007
a layered tapestry of trains and underwater footage
exploring the realms of fear, death, and transience.

a maternal record not fully recorded
3min, Super 8 film, Colour with live performance, 2007
super 8 home movie footage captures memories not otherwise remembered
while other memories never materialize in the tangible home photo archives

3part Harmony: Composition in RGB #1
6min. 16mm film, colour, optical sound, 2007
an exploration of fractured identity and the female body
using a bastardized version of the 1930s 3-strip technicolour process

Mechanical Memory
6min. 16mm film, BW, optical sound, 2006
super 8 home movies of dogs and trains grew beautiful fungus in the basement
childhood stories from the supper table.

Mechanical/Animal Memory
6min. DVcam, BW, sound, 2005
Mechanical Memory was cut into 7 foot strips and reprinted with a flashlight
Highly abstracted image and sound degrade the mnemonic trace.

This Unnamable Dream: Or a Traced Sketch of Two Brothers
3 min. Super 8 Film, BW silent, 2005
a personal narrative inserted into an homage to the Brother's Quay
commissioned for the Splice This Remake This program.

Knowledge of Good and Evil
45 sec. 16mm film, Colour, silent, 2005
an exploration of ways of knowing and the female body
hand processed images from the film farm

16mm Postcard
2min. 16mm film, BW, optical sound, 2005
a bitter sweet filmic letter back home to the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative
like any letter, the mundane fragments of every day life point to something more

Playing Jacob
3min 16mm film, Colour, optical sound, 2005
an anxious exploration of ambivalent agnosticism
through performing the role of Jacob in the Pentateuch

8min, 16mm film, BW, silent, 2004
the forest is a foreboding sanctuary and water has the power to cleanse or drown
perceptions and belief systems shift over time

Forever Hold Your Peace
40 sec, 16mm film, Colour, optical sound, 2004
despite the pressure to speak, sometimes noise is the only clear message
handscratched optical sound

3min, Super 8 Film, Colour, Silent, 2004
Clear film dyed and stained with household products; tea, beat juice, etc.
created for the Halifax Experimental Music Festival (HEMF 8)

Merry Christmas Meredith
3min, Super 8 Film, BW, Silent, 2003
a film noir narrative of the end of a story
created for the afcoop Super 8 Xmas screening

Surface Tension
3min, Super 8 Film, BW Silent 2001
snow, water, christmas lights, and shopping malls
created for the afcoop Super 8 Xmas screening

3min, Super 8 Film, BW Silent 2001
an exploration of presence
created as a part of the Ladies Film Bee with Helen Hill

3min, Super 8 Film, BW Silent 2001
measuring time in coffee spoons
created as a part of the Ladies Film Been with Helen Hill



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