Amanda Dawn Christie


Mechanical Memory
Vancouver, BC, Canada 2006
5 min.  180 feet (54.8 metres)
English, No Subtitles
16mm BW with optical mono sound

Created from super 8 footage that was shot in the 1970s of the family dogs and the trains that my father worked on, this film explores the decay of memory and image.  The super 8 film grew fungus while stored in a basement.  It was then optically printed up to 16mm and slowed down so that the snowflake shaped fungus could be studied.  Narration presents fragmented stories of childhood memories.  This film was created as a source film, which was later physically cut up and reprinted with a flashlight to destroy the image and sound for the subsequent film “Mechanical/Animal Memory” which is owned by the NFB.

Production Credits
Amanda Dawn Christie

Screening History
2006  “AFCOOP Annual Screening”  Halifax, NS, Canada
2006  “6 Less than 10: 1 more than 3” Pacific Cinematheque, Van. BC Canada;
2007 “Starting From Scratch Film Festival”,Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007 ” Cinecycle, Toronto, ON, Canada
2008 “$100 Film Festival” Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2008 “Vancouver Film Experiments: New Cinema From the Western Fault Lines” Winnipeg Cinematheque, Winnipeg, MB Canada
2008 “Vancouver Film Experiments: New Cinema From the Western Fault Lines” Atlantic Filmmakers Co-op, Halifax, NS, Canada
2010 "Seoul Sisters" ExIs Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea
2011 KurzfilmAgentur Hamburg, Hamburg Germany

2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa, Canada
2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Vogue Cinema, Sackville, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", HIFF, Halifax, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Winnipeg Cinematheque, Canada

Lightcone (Paris, FR)
Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Centre (Toronto, CA)




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