Amanda Dawn Christie


Spectres of Shortwave
Beausejour / Tantramar, NB/NS, Canada  2012
90 min. , 35mm colour with stereo sound -- in production

Created with the support of:
Canada Council for the Arts
Arts NB
Linda Joy Post Award

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A mysterious web of international shortwave radio towers dominates the Tantramar marshscape. Meanwhile, local residents hear radio broadcasts emanate unexpectedly from their household appliances.

Detailed Description
Themes of regional identity, Atlantic Canadian landscape, international communication systems, shifting communication technologies, rural myths, the environment, politics, climate change, and language will all be loosely explored in a slow durational and meditative style.

This observing documentary will place the viewer in the seat of the witness rather than that of the student, by excluding the use of authoritative talking heads and replacing them with long stunning shots of documentary footage and highly manipulated sound recordings of interviews with local residents. The interviews will include stories about the radio towers told in the three primary languages of the region; English, French, and Mi’kmaq.


Production Credits
Written, Directed, Photographed and Edited by Amanda Dawn Christie
Production Mentors: Paul Lee and Monique LeBlanc

Cinematography Mentor: Christopher Ball, CSC
Camera Assistant: Mel Chiasson
Key Grip and Gaffer: Dan Grady
Driver and stills photographer: Rob Arseneault

Special Thanks to those who have contributed to make this film possible!
Penny McCann, Jennifer Dorner, Angelina LaPaolo, Gino LeBlanc, Bev & Jack Christie, Dr. Jane Dryden, Dr. Leslie Kern, Guy Gautreau, Mathieu Wade, Sean Collins, Alexandra Caulfield, Roger D Wilson, Steven Woloshen, John Murchie, Pat Kipping, Jana & Sean, Matt & Lucy, Kim Rayworth, Paranerd, John Woods, Carol Doucette, Andrew Wright, Richard OKane, Chuck & Marilyn Wilson, Mario Gautreau, Renée Morel, Chris Lloyd, Kevin Carson, Kirsty Bell, Dominique Gusset, Marc Gauthier, Chad Wilson, Christine Stewart, Joanne Duguay, janvier93, Matthew Hayes, Sandy Christie, friends at PlanB, Jessica Arseneau, Lynne Saintonge, A. Melanson

Screening History
(the film is still in production)

Video Teasers (a glimpse at a few preliminary shots, yet to be edited)
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Production Stills

photo credit: Monique LeBlanc

photo credit: Dan Grady







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