Amanda Dawn Christie


Fallen Flags
Vancouver, BC, Canada  2007
8:10 min.  294 feet  (89.6 metres)
16mm Colour with mono optical sound (no dialogue)

A layered tapestry of trains and underwater footage exploring the realms of fear death and transience, this film places the traces of human voices amidst the flickering light and shadows of empty passenger cars.

Statement from the Director on the Film
This film Stems from a train trip from one end of Canada to the other and back again, and the loss of a friend in a drowning accident. This project was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and involved 15 days of train travel from Vancouver to Halifax and back again (1200 km in total). This film is one of the meditations resulting from that trip.   A “Fallen Flag” is the railroad term given to a discontinued rail line.

Note to viewers and projectionists:
The first minute and the last minute are entirely black with soundscape only.

Production Credits
Amanda Dawn Christie

Screening History
2007  “Ice Capades: Battle of the Micro-Cinemas”, Chicago, USA
2007  “Vancouver Film Experiments: New Cinema from the West” Toronto, ON, Canada
2008  “37th International Film Festival Rotterdam”  Rotterdam, NL
2008  “Vancouver Film Experiments: New Cinema from the Western Fault Lines” Winnipeg Cinematheque, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2008  “Vancouver Film Experiments: New Cinema from the Western Fault Lines” Atlantic Filmmakers Co-op, Halifax, NS, Canada
2008 WNDX festival of Experimental Film and Video, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2008 Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic
2008 MadCat International Women's Film Festival, San Fransisco, USA
2008 Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada
2010 Peview Screening: Lightcone, Paris, France

2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa, Canada
2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Vogue Cinema, Sackville, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", HIFF, Halifax, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Winnipeg Cinematheque, Canada

Lightcone (Paris, FR)
Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Centre (Toronto, CA)





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