Amanda Dawn Christie


Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2008
7:36 min.  273 feet (83 metres)
16mm, color with mono optical sound

v=d/t is the physics formula which calculates velocity by dividing the distance traveled by the time required to travel that distance.  This film explores the possibility of measuring distances between loved ones through time zones.  The sound track is comprised of personal and tragic phone messages left on voicemail when individuals could not connect due to great time zone differences, while the visual elements present simple and contemplative images of antique telephones.

Statement from the Director on the Film
This film was created at the WORM.filmwerkplaats, during a one month artist residency at the 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam. This handmade film incorporates various contact printing and optical printing techniques in addition to chemical manipulations. This is the first film that I made since Helen Hill passed away, and her influence comes through in my use of text. I have always avoided adding text to my films because I had a real problem with the concept of narrative. After Helen passed away, I watched "Scratch and Crow" over and over again many times over and I was really struck by her use of language both in terms of its content and graphic structure.

Production Credits
Amanda Dawn Christie

Screening History
2008  37th International Film Festival Rotterdam,  Rotterdam, NL
2008  DAMP City, Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2008 Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada
2009 Images Festival Toronto, ON, Canada
2009 Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne (France)

2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa, Canada
2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Vogue Cinema, Sackville, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", HIFF, Halifax, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Winnipeg Cinematheque, Canada

Dutch Filmbank (Amsterdam, NL)
Lightcone (Paris, FR)
Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Centre (Toronto, CA)





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