Amanda Dawn Christie


Off Route 2
35mm Projection, flatscreen monitors, and artifacts
Off Route 2 is a 35mm film loop portraying the anticlimactic aftermath of a car crash accompanied by 2 flat screen monitors presenting details of the scene itself and of the film crew waiting patiently between takes.


Last Days of Snow
Video documentation of public television performances
Documenting the last days of over the air analogue television broadcasts

Last Days of Cinema
Double video projection and photographs of projection booths
Reflecting on the decline of celluloid in the face of the digital

the Marshland Radio Plumbing Project
Site Specific Radio Sculpture Performance
Sackville, NB, Canada  2009 - ongoing / in progress


Various Experiments - a few false starts
mixed media, 2008-2009
The transition back to visual art installations over the past few years has been a bit clunky and there have been a few false starts. While not altogether successful, I still find some of these false starts interesting, and so I will include them here.

these voices in my hand
mixed media, 2006
a 20 foot square maze of silk georgette with old family photos printed through a kallotype process speakers hang in the centre of the maze playing an electroacoustic soundscape work comprised of sound recordings from the 1960s

mixed media collaboration, 2005 - collaboration with michael vincent
16mm film loops are projected onto and through sheets of silk georgette that form a textile room. the viewer is invited to enter the room through the projected images on the textile walls. their body and their shadow becomes a part of the image. independent speakers are placed in the 4 corners of the tentilke room.

Satin Cushion
Polaroid Emulsion Lift on Satin, 2005
Images of motherhood and sainthood on a dishevelled pillow
Pins, Stuffing, and Satin


Quiet Underwater
photographs and sculptures, 2001
images of swimmers underwater mounted onto aquariums and plater torsos
found objects

photographs 1998
Photographs, aquarium, water



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