Amanda Dawn Christie


Various Experiments in Visual Art
Sackville, NB , Canada 2008-2009

Over the past few years, I have been working toward expanding practice to include - or rather to return to - visual art based installations. I am interested mostly in incorporating aspects of film and video, as well as electronics.

The transition over the past few years has been a bit clunky and there have been a few false starts. While not altogether successful, I still find some of these false starts interesting, and so I will include them here.

Diorama Cinemechanica
mixed media, 2009
photographic panorama of cinematic projection booth inside a diorama
the viewer looks inside through the projection window using the provided eyewear.

Exhibition History:
the one prototype was exhibited at Struts Gallery as a part of the FeelsGood.Ca show in December 2009







she just didn't have the capacity to resist
mixed media, 2008
video animation, electronic components embroidered onto lingerie,
electronic components in chocolate cake

Exhibition History:
Struts Gallery Members Showa(SuperFine)
December 2008

The animated video, called "Capacity to Resist" went on to exist as a work on its own. It is a silent 45 second animation of capacitors and resistors. It screened as a part of the "Animated Anomalies" program in Halifax, in 2009.

Embroidering electronics onto the lingerie was fun, but something just didn't feel right, because the circuits weren't functional. Gradually I began learning how to work with and to create functional circuits - that seemed to make more sense.


Detail Images:

her heart's fragile connections: open to the touch as long as her cells are charged
mixed media, 2009
red satin gloves with lightbulbs soldered to safety pins.
lightbulbs are pinned next to 12 volt batteries which are stitched onto the glove.
squeezing the saftey pins to the battery lights up the lights

this one actually incorporated a simple yet functional circuit into the design. But it still felt clunky.
From here, I am now beginning to work with more complex designs that integrate audio circuits into textiles. The lights felt too flashy (pardon the pun). I am also getting away from the silky satin materials. At first I liked the juxtaposition of stereotypically feminine fashion with the electronics. But now I am starting to work with cowhide instead. I am also creating fingerless gloves now, because A. there's no sense pretending I'm a seamstress when I'm not and B. they are more likely to fit more people with different sized hands. My current project is a pair of white cowhide gloves with a 9volt transistor amplifier sewn onto the elbow that is wired to a small radio transmitter sewn onto the wrist. So while these silly red satin light-up gloves might have been a dead end, they did lead to a much more interesting experiment with cowhide and audio circuits.

Exhibition History
2009 Sweetest Little Thing, Sackville, NB (Canada)


















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