Amanda Dawn Christie

links to individual performance info (synopsis, presentation history, stills) coming soon.
online streaming of video documentation will be available for some performances. (eventually)

IRiSs Lab: Integrated Ruptures in Sensory space
A collective that specializes in audio visual improvisation and performance
members come from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia , Canada  2008 - present

for information on the collective and on large scale performances go to:

solo performance for two 16mm film projectors, shortwave radio, & kaoss pad
Sackville, NB, Canada  2010

radio waves & dreaming; invisible architectures & electromagnetic topographies


the Marshland Radio Plumbing Project
Site Specific Radio Sculpture Performance
Sackville, NB, Canada  2009 - ongoing / in progress

short wave radio; rural mythology; pseudo-scientific hypothesis

Following the Physical Act of Memory
2009, dance, video, live music
collaboration with E. Hearte and Luke Patterson
taste, touch, smell, and memory

A Maternal Record Not Fully Recorded
2006, 2007 Super 8 Projection with live audio performance


What a Beautiful Piece of Heartache
2006, 2008 Live Performance
endurance. balancing on hands, while blindfolded and singing of heartache.


Mnemonic Trajectories
2005, 4 Channel Video Projection with Live Performance
super 8 home movies transferred to video. projectors move together and apart
walking blindfolded through the historical timeline of the projections.

He Drives
2006 - Super 8 film projection with live audio accompaniment
sentimental folks song for my brother set to footage shot from the car he drove


Public Displays: Affection / Agression
2004 - Site specific public performance
(hopefully to be recreated again soon.. this time with documentation)


Quiet Triptych
2004, 1 hour interdiscipllinary performance
music, dance, film, and a 2100 pound wall of ice

2000, 2002, Dance with computer projections exploring communication and connection. electronic soundscape incorporating personal voicemail messages.


Ode to the Blue Dames
2001, Body, house paint, canvas - public performance
live body painting, self directed in many colours
in honour of the women who acted as brushes for a man's symphony




1999 - body, mud, water, humming
public performance


Composition / Decomposition
1998 - kinetic sculpture, dance, video, photo, audio, sledge hammers
building things up and tearing them down - literally


Innocence Offended
1996 - dance



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film and video