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Quiet Triptych
Halifax, Canada, 2004
55:00 min. Live Performance
a wall of ice, a dancer, two musicians, and a film

Quiet Triptych, is an interdisciplinary performance in three parts, which explores the shifting of perceptions and belief systems. Fire, water, breath, and clay become elemental metaphors within a conceptual journey. Somewhere within the subconscious landscape, there must be a linking path between the spirit and the intellect.

The set includes a wall of ice, melting into a shallow pond flanked with fire. The performer shares the space with two musicians who both guide her on and distract her from this quest.

The film projected onto the wall of ice as it melted is Turning, which was made specifically for this performance. More info on the film, Turning here:

choreography, film, & performance by amanda dawn christie
music, composition, & performance by chris spencer-lowe and jason jones
design and preparation of ice wall: kourash mahvash and sean kettley

complete performance ; 1 hour

this documentation video : excerpts edited down to 6 minutes


Video Documentation of Performance at MoEd Gallery, Halifax, July 2004

Quiet Triptych from amanda dawn christie on Vimeo.





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