Amanda Dawn Christie


of course i can't list or link to absolutely everything that i'm interested in... as much as i would like to.
that would be too cumbersome for vistors to surf through.
so instead, i am only listing centres and festivals where i have either been an active member or shown work, and sites of artists who i know personally... either as friends, former housemates, colleagues, and / or whathaveyou.

Artist Run Centres, Cooperatives, and Collectives (etcetera etcetera)

Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre (Sackville, Canada)
Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (Halifax, Canada)
Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society (Vancouver, Canada)
Independent Media Arts Alliance (Canada)
Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton, Canada)
Eyelevel Gallery (Halifax, Canada)
Khyber Centre for the Arts (Halifax, Canada)
Edam Dance (Vancouver, Canada)

Kinetic Studio Series (Halifax, Canada)
LiveArt Dance Productions (Halifax, Canada)
Niagara Custom Lab (Toronto, Canada)
Super 8 Reversal Lab (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
WORM (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (Toronto, Canada)
National Filmboard of Canada (Canada)
Light Cone (Paris, France)
Dutch Filmbank (Amsterdam, Netherlands


Antimatter Underground Film Festival (Victoria, Canada)
$100 Film Festival (Calgary, Canada)
Images Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (Halifax, Canada)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Jihlava, Czech Republic)
Leeds International Film Festival (Leeds, England)
ExIs Experimental Film and Video Festival (Seoul, South Korea)
Madcat International Women's Film Festival (San Fransisco, USA)

Friends and Artists that I like

Frameworks Listserve and Archive (International Internet Community for Experimental Film)
Helen Hill (Canada / USA)
Alex MacKenzie (Vancouver, Canada)
Laura U. Marks (Vancouver, Canada)
Chris Welsby (Vancouver, Canada)
Rob Kitsos (Vancouver, Canada)
Julie Saragosa (Kelowna, Canada)
Cindy Mochizuki (Vancouver, Canada)
Yun Lam Li (Vancouver, Canada)
Julianna Barabas (Edmonton, Alberta)
Diana Burgoyne (Vancouver, Canada)
John Porter (Toronto, Canada)
Kara Anne Fraser (currently New Zealand)
Linda Rae Dornan (Sackville, Canada)
Tara Wells (Sackville, Canada)
Amanda Fauteux
(Sackville, Canada)
Ken Gregory (Winnipeg, Canada)
Rita McKeough (Calgary, Alberta)
Peter Flemming (Montreal, Canada)
MachineNoisy Dance Society (Vancouver, Canada)



upcoming events

film and video